Dentist Approved Healthy School Lunches

Dentist Approved Healthy School Lunches

Eating nutritious, mouth-friendly foods is one of the best ways to keep our mouths healthy. As adults, we have a responsibility to make good food choices. As parents, we must also choose healthy snacks for our children. There's no doubt that this is challenging, especially when your child likes chips and soda.

Healthy snacks don't have to be boring. This blog aims to help you discover new, convenient, and delicious snacks for your child. 

Healthy Lunch Ideas

The four food categories with the most vitamins and minerals for our bodies and mouths are dairy and calcium, fruits and vegetables, and proteins. It's also important to include grains in our meals for overall wellness. 

Here are some healthy dentist-approved lunch ideas: 

1. Chicken and Cheese Sandwich and Fruit

Using two pieces of whole-grain bread, diced chicken, and low-fat cheese slices, you can make a delicious sandwich that is great for your child's teeth. Along with the sandwich, pack cut-up apples, pears, or other crunchy fruits that help to strengthen teeth and gums.

2. Rainbow Salad

Kids should eat as many colorful vegetables as possible because they contain calcium, vitamin C, and other beneficial minerals to the teeth and gums. It is a good lunch option for children to pack a colorful salad in a Tupperware container. You can top the salad with crunchy foods like sunflower seeds or nuts or a protein like chicken or turkey. 

Healthy Snack Ideas

-Cottage cheese with fruit

-Apples with almond butter

-Fresh fruit smoothie with spinach or kale

-Hummus with carrot, pepper, and celery

-Scrambled eggs with cheese

-Apples and celery dipped in all-natural peanut butter

-Plain Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts

Your child's oral and overall health will improve when you give him these lunch boxes and snacks. You should always discuss allergies or specific dietary needs with your child's pediatrician.