Your child is at the age where they finally understand what the tooth fairy is. The tooth fairy is a significant part of helping your child to maintain their oral hygiene and keeping the magic alive! The tooth fairy is a figure of early childhood in Western and Western-influenced cultures. Tooth fairies have been around for centuries throughout different cultures. This fairy has worked in different ways depending on the country. There are ways for your child to learn more about the tooth fairy and create some fun crafts to properly prepare for their arrival!

Help Them Prepare!

As a parent, you can either choose to prepare your child before or after they lose their first tooth. It is really up to you. If you decide to teach them beforehand, it could potentially make the first tooth falling out more natural for the child. When a child loses their first tooth, it can be somewhat scary for them. If they learn about the tooth fairy, they can look forward to and get excited about a tooth falling out. Reading children’s books about the tooth fairy can also help them become more comfortable with the concept. 

Help Yourself Prepare!

The last thing you want as a parent is to mess up the story of the tooth fairy. You do not want your child to ask you about it, and then not have a solid story prepared! It would not be good if both parents weren’t on the same page. Getting a solid story together will help your child to believe in the magic fully. Along with the story, it would be beneficial to figure out the pricing of each tooth if you decide to leave your children’s money. 

Tooth Fairy Keepsake Box

As your child leaves you… I mean the tooth fairy, their teeth, keeping them in an organized container would make a fantastic keepsake for you! There a few different ways that you and your children can save baby teeth forever. Believe it or not, Amazon has a few fantastic and cute boxes that you can order. The first box is a wooden memory box that is in the shape of a tooth; to check out the box. Another holder has two designs, one for a boy and one for a girl. To check out this box. These tooth collection holders are so organized and even have space for you to fill out your child’s information. Plus, they give you specific spots to put particular teeth as they fall out.

If you and your child like to do crafts together, you can easily make your own keepsake container. You can buy either small colorful drawstring bags or plain bags. If you buy a plain bag, your child can decorate it however they choose. 

Tooth Fairy Door

This door, of course, is optional, but there are such cute designs out there that people have come up with for a tooth fairy door. Santa gets the chimney to come down, so shouldn’t the tooth fairy have their own tiny-sized door? For this, you can either purchase a tiny door or attempt to make your own! There are super cute doors that can be bought premade on Etsy. There are doors in many shapes, colors, and sizes that you can find on Etsy, You can even decorate around the door to make it homier for the tooth fairy when they arrive!

We hope you enjoyed our recommendations on how to prepare for the tooth fairy. 


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